My name is Alexa Kath and I am the creator of Shine Co. Graphics.  I have always always had a deep desire to be creative in everything I do.  In September of 2020 I was perusing through TikTok just like any other high school senior was doing at that time.  However, I was not making dances with my friends, I was in search of a new creative outlook.  That is when I stumbled upon “small business TikTok”.  There I found tons of girls, only a year or two older than me, who had started little online shops where they sold all sorts of creative things.  I was so inspired by them.  During that same time I was also involved in an entrepreneurial class that was affiliated through my high school.  The class gave me lots of connections that I would have not been able to have without the class.  From September to January I was spending every free moment I had creating and developing my very own shop.  


On January 1st, 2021 my very own online store launched for all of the world to see.  This was huge for me, I did it, I did what so many people have never done.  I still look back and I am in awe of my accomplishment.  Since that very day, Shine Co. has been shipped to supporters all over the country, two collections released, nine total products made and sold and many orders from fabulous customers.  Despite all of the accomplishments there have been lots of challenges but each of them have only made my business stronger and my story better.  


Above it all, I am so incredibly thankful for the support of all those around me, without them Shine Co. would not be where it is today.  I am so excited to see where Shine Co. will take me in the future.  



Hello Friends!